Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the seagull with a broken wing

we found her on the pile of scallop shells in our driveway. she died, which led to a whole week of conversations about seagull heaven.

Numbers 1 through 8

more clay letters

this week we walked the letters outlined on the floor with yarn. learned a couple of tounge twisters and act out Miss Moppet story by Beatrix Potter. Lot's of baby pretend play is happening in our house! thanks grandma for all of the doll clothes and handmade baby diapers!

watercolor painting

once a week we do wet on wet watercolor painting. now that spring is near , we love playing with purples and greens and yellows.

happy valentine's day!

Raw Whipped Cream

cashews, macademia nuts, dates and a bit of orange juice. Blender magic!

clay letters

we used self hardening mexican pottery clay. we are still working on making all of the letters through M. they look great painted

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

M for Mountains

misty mountains multiply
a million marvelous M's;
mingle mint and marigold
in meadows of mystery.
the moon sends down its magic beams
making merry melodies
on the mirrors of murmuring streams

Numbers 1- 7

We made beeswax numbers 1 through 7 as we were studying them. Now we laid out the numbers and the corresponding number of items under them. Second time we mixed the numbers around.

Monday, February 2, 2009